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[Chatime USA] Pittsburgh’s first Chatime to open

Chatime is set to open its first Pittsburgh-area location soon in Ross Park Mall. The initial opening date of September 20th was pushed back to the 21st, with the mall now aiming for a grand opening. Boba Tea lovers  do not have to drive half an hour to get a drink. Chatime Pittsburgh not only provides milk tea but also have. coffee, juice,  slushees, oriental pop tea, and even mousse.  An amazing boba shop is on the second floor of the mall!

Chatime is the next trend in beverages. A unique Tea concept that is dedicated to make Tea a healthier, refreshing and fun alternative to Coffee.

Pittsburgh's shop store design

Pittsburgh's shop interior design

[Chatime USA] Pittsburgh's first Chatime to open

three kinds popular drinks of Chatime (Taiwan Mango QQ, boba tea, pop tea)

Taiwan Mango QQ (boba and coconut jelly included)

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